June 15, 2008

Whey Ricotta

Making Cheddar produces a lot of extra Whey. I've been making Ricki Carroll's "Ricotta from Heaven" with the leftovers, which produces about a cup of ricotta. This time I wanted to branch out and hopefully get a little bit more.

Following her "Whey Ricotta" recipe, it's actually a little simpler. It involves adding some extra milk, heating the whey to 200 degrees, and then adding some vinegar to curdle what's left. Straining through butter muslin, and draining for about 2 hours, produced about two cups of Ricotta.

The texture was quite nice, but the vinegar flavor sticks around. It's subtle, but it's definitely there. Not sure if the vinegar flavor (and cost of an extra quart of whole milk) is worth the extra yield.

Dana just sent me this picture of her breakfast... Whey Ricotta on a bagel, with Balsamic Glaze. Mmmmm!

1.5 Gallons Whey, leftover from Stirred-Curd Cheddar
1 Quart Trader Joe's Whole Milk
1/4 Cup Trader Joe's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp. Flake Cheese Salt

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