June 4, 2008

Officials seize illegal cheese

Tainted cheese fuels TB rise in California
Unpasteurized dairy products linked to reemergence of ancient disease

I just came across this interesting scary article about the perils of making cheese from unpasteurized milk. US Law says that if cheese is made from unpasteurized milk it must be aged for at least 60 days. That gives it enough time for any "nasties" to die off. Apparently many Hispanic immigrants in Southern California are eating queso fresco made from unpasteurized milk, and then catching a rare form of TB. Yikes!

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  1. okay, i don't know why i chose to leave a comment on the TB post, but here it is. WOW. making cheese. that is way cool (i refrained from writing whey cool!) and i can't wait to try some. hint hint. it too is my favorite food. YUM!


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