August 1, 2009

"Fromage and Foamage"

Quick article in Wine Enthusiast, encouraging beer & cheese pairings. Can't argue that!

Speaking of which: Hey Chillindamos, what are we going to pair?

"If you’re thinking of jumping on the fromage and foamage bandwagon, start with a line up of favorite cheeses and beer. Knowing the flavor profile of each before trying to pair flavors makes libation matching easier.

Decide if you want a match that will contrast or harmonize. Most beer and cheese pairings will be pleasant. What you consider the most delightful is a matter of what you want to experience."

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  1. Beer pairings is the new trend. I keep hearing of classy beer pairing dinners than I hear about the same with wine. Cheese and beers are so much easier to pair than foods or wine.


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