May 24, 2009

Rosemary Focaccia & Fresh Mozzarella

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In a stroke of karmic genius, Sarah brought over a Focaccia dough that she whipped up a few minutes before leaving her house. I had been planning on making a 30-minute mozz (considering this was Sarah & Stephen's first time making cheese, I wanted them to actually get to sample something... four months is too long to wait to sneak a taste!)...

While we were working on the Gouda, she let the focaccia dough rise a bit, and sprinkled on some rosemary and a few other spices (I was so busy with the cheese... salt? pepper? that might have been it).

The bread was absolutely incredible, and the mozzarella was pretty durn good too (I've finally learned how to "salt to taste"... meaning: "Add more salt, stupid!")

We sliced up an organic Roma tomato, and opened a bottle of Curtis Roussanne that I had been saving for an afternoon such as this, and... voilà! Deliciousnessosity!

1 Gallon Trader Joe's Organic Whole Milk
1/4 tsp. Citric Acid, dissolved in 1/4 c. water
1/4 tsp. Double-Strength Vegetarian Liquid Rennet
, dissolved in 1/4 c. water
Approx. 2 tsp. Cheese Salt
(No lipase this time...I think I prefer it without, as the lipase seems to add a somewhat skunky flavor, IMHO)

(Note to self: Get focaccia recipe from Sarah!)


  1. mmm, I might make myself stupid now, but...I would really like to make this mozzarella and I have already bought all these ingredients. I just don´t now what to do with those. Can you please help me?

  2. Hi Merituuli,

    This should help:

    Good luck!

    - Andrew

  3. thank you very much! I´ll have to try today, because it´s Friday...!!!


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